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    I’ve gotten into the habit again of writing down my dreams….and..I always write down the ones I want to remember…the ones that were pleasant, but still weird & not making sense at times.

    Not the ones that woke me up, & didn’t let me go back to sleep, the unpleasant, & weird, & not making sense in the worst way at times.

    Perfect dreams…….I don’t think anyone has had a perfect dream.

    There’s always some element to it that is weird, or something that prevents you from doing whatever it is that would make it a perfect dream.

    I believe that God doesn’t allow us to have perfect dreams, because then, we would leave.

    We would abandon our imperfect lives for the chance to dream up a perfect one.

    He doesn’t allow us to have perfect dreams, because we would

    Never. Wake. Up.


    get to know me meme | favorite actors [1/5] → Hugh Jackman

    "I’m lucky to have worked in theater all over the world, but there’s something magical about Broadway. The audiences are smart, they’re educated. They go in ready and they’re up for it, they’re up for the party. It’s a whole different atmosphere."

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